Keenious for Universities

Keenious is designed to help students, researchers, and librarians discover hard-to-find research articles. Built in collaboration with universities, Keenious is an innovative tool that enhances higher education and research.

Built on the back of research

Unlike other discovery and search tools, Keenious is not designed to automate the research process. Instead, our goal is to help people discover information they might have missed using traditional search methods. We know that traditional search engines are effective, but we provide something that search simply can't offer. No matter how advanced search becomes, people are limited by their prior knowledge to formulate search terms. Keenious is different because recommendations do not require keywords.

We take research seriously

Our studies show that using Keenious in tandem with traditional search tools can increase the amount of relevant information found by up to 100%. And these results are different, leading to potentially new avenues of research.

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Rolling out Keenious


Organization-wide Word Deployment

With Office 365 there is no need for staff and students to manually install Keenious to their Word clients — you can often roll out the add-in to your entire university with just one click.


Seamless authentication

With our seamless IP-based authentication, your staff and students access Keenious instantly, without having to set up an account. If they want to access Keenious outside your network, they simply sign up with their university email.


Connects with your collections

Our link resolver integration connects any article found using Keenious directly with your library holdings, ensuring that users can easily read and make use of the research papers and resources you provide.

Our stances

Privacy and security

Privacy and security

At Keenious, we take privacy and security seriously. Our goal is to only process and store the minimal amount of data we need to run our service. We are based in the EU/EEA and subject to GDPR and we do not store the text submitted to us by our users.



We are committed to providing inclusive experiences for all users. We understand the importance of accessibility and strive to ensure that our services are available to everyone, regardless of ability.

Purchasing Keenious

In order to help universities assess the potential value of Keenious for their institution, we offer a trial with the sole expense being the implementation fee for setup.

Once you are convinced of the value of Keenious, you can purchase a volume license based on the number of full-time equivalents (FTEs) of students and staff.

Together with you, we ensure success by providing education for staff and driving adoption through increased awareness throughout the institution.

Want to see Keenious in action?

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Questions? Answers.

There's a wide range of ways for you to assess Keenious. We recommend setting up a trial at your university so you can properly evaluate the tool as its meant to be used. Please schedule a meeting with one of the Keenious team members for help on the variety of options available to you and your university.

Keenious fits most institutions! Any institution that provides education informed by research may take advantage of Keenious. Customers of Keenious that see the value of the tool for their staff and students include research-intensive universities, universities of applied sciences, and university colleges. However, we have individual users benefitting from Keenious who hail from virtually all types of institutions. They span the range from upper secondary schools, vocational and trade schools, colleges, community and associate colleges, institutes of technology to distance, online and, lifelong learning institutions — just to name a few!

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