Our Commitment to Research at Keenious

At Keenious, we conduct extensive research to understand how people look for information, collaborating with universities to continuously improve our AI-powered recommendation tool.

Uniquely Relevant Results

A study of 16 librarians compared Keenious and a traditional academic search tool to find relevant papers. Keenious provided equally relevant but highly unique results compared to the traditional search tool, showing the benefits of combining traditional search with Keenious when looking for relevant information.

We take research seriously

Excellent Usability

Keenious values usability, using the System Usability Scale (SUS) to measure it. A study of 64 students and researchers found Keenious scored 84.7 on the SUS, surpassing the excellent score of 80.3 and confirming its first-rate usability.

We take research seriously

Make an Impact With Your Expertise

At Keenious, we collaborate with universities and researchers to enhance the research process using AI. Join our ongoing studies and contribute your expertise to guide the development of our AI tool. Contact us to learn more.