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What is Keenious?

Keenious is the new way of researching online

Search smarter

Learning isn’t static, why should your research be? Your document is the search query. Keenious analyzes your text - as you write - finding the most relevant research every step of the way, twists and turns included!

Explore every sentence

Searching for something more specific? We’ve got you covered. Highlight any sentence in your document to activate focus search. We’ll narrow your search down while keeping it contextually relevant to your document.

Research, reimagined

Keenious unearths the hidden gems by sifting through research across academic disciplines. Change the direction of your research with a single click. What will you discover?

60+ Million Publications

Keenious is built on a rich collection of academic publications and metadata covering multiple disciplines across the sciences, humanities, and everything in between.

Finetune Your Search

Drill down and refine your results when you need to with our selection of filters including the ability to filter by research topic, date, citation count, and more.

Smart Library

Save your favourite research into one place with our smart library bookmarking system that organizes your papers based on what you’re currently working on.

Works with Microsoft Word and Google Docs

Your workflow just got smarter. Keenious’ addon is effortless to set up and integrates directly into your favourite word processors as a convenient sidebar, ready to do the heavy lifting at a moment' notice.

Co-funded by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Union

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