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Integrate with Microsoft Word and Google Docs

Keenious seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Word and Google Docs, so you always have access to the most relevant research for whatever you're working on.

How it works in 3 easy steps:

Step 1

Select your document

Choose your PDF file in the Keenious app or work directly with your documents in Google Docs or Microsoft Word with the Keenious extension.

Step 2

Let our AI analyze it

Keenious uses its AI recommendation engine to analyze your document, understand its content, and compare it to millions of scientific publications to provide you with the most relevant research articles and topics.

Step 3

Explore the results

Browse through the list of recommended research and apply additional filters to further refine your results.

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Empower your research with Keenious' powerful features

Elevate your research to new heights with Keenious' dynamic features. With a range of cutting-edge tools at your fingertips, you'll be able to easily customize your results to fit your unique needs.

Highlight Search
Advanced Filtering
Fast and efficient referencing
Similar articles
Smart bookmarks

Highlight Search

With Keenious' highlight search, you have the power to decide what parts of a document are important to you. Simply highlight those sections and our AI will provide tailored research recommendations.


Keenious is not only great for finding relevant research articles, but it also suggests related topics to help you better understand the content of your document. When you find an interesting topic set a filter and you will only be recommended articles that are relevant to that topic!

Advanced Filtering

With our advanced filtering options, you can tailor your article recommendations to fit your specific preferences. Simply set parameters such as publication date and citation count to only receive recommendations that meet your standards.

Fast and efficient referencing

Found a great article and need to cite it quickly? The instant citation feature makes referencing easy, with popular formats and the ability to import into popular reference management tools.

Similar articles

Have you found an article that sparks your curiosity? Keep going! Scroll down to see recommendations for similar articles. Our AI recommendation tool will assist you in finding related articles and continuing your research. Explore the vast world of knowledge and keep learning.

Smart bookmarks

Say goodbye to scrolling through pages of irrelevant bookmarks with Keenious' smart bookmark feature that automatically sorts your saved articles by relevance.

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From the initial research phase to the final paper, Keenious helps you find valuable resources and insights.

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Expand your research process with unique results that are fundamentally different from traditional search engines.

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Keenious makes providing top-notch recommendations to patrons across various subjects easier and more efficient.

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Effects validated by research

Our research shows that Keenious provides equally relevant but highly unique results compared to traditional search tools

Why Keenious?

Find more relevant research

Keenious helps users find up to twice as many relevant papers when searching for literature.

Works where you work

Keenious can be easily added to Microsoft Word and Google Docs so you can get inspired while writing

100+ Million Publications

Keenious is built upon the OpenAlex dataset, an open catalog of scholarly papers, authors, institutions, and more





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Questions? Answers.

While Keenious is currently only integrated with Microsoft Word and Google Docs, you can still use our tool by exporting your document to PDF and uploading it to our website. Alternatively, you can easily copy and paste the text into our tool.

We do not store your files, so there is currently no limit to the number of PDF files you can upload to the Keenious app.

At Keenious, we are constantly working to improve our AI recommendation engine to provide the most accurate and relevant results possible. One way we do this is by comparing our recommendations to a list of cited articles to ensure they are relevant to the original article.

Yes, the advanced filtering options can be applied to both the topic suggestions and the research articles. This is because the topic suggestions are generated based on the articles that are returned after filtering, so any changes to the filtering will affect the recommended topics.

Yes, there are two ways you can save the results you find using Keenious. You can save any article you find in your bookmarks list, or you can export a citation in a format supported by other reference managers.

Currently, Keenious is only able to recommend research articles within the scientific field.

At Keenious, we take user privacy very seriously. We do not store any of the text used for recommendations, and you can read more about our privacy policy on our website.

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